Balancing Life, Staying Focused

Last night, we had dinner with a friend of my husband’s. We were all talking about the need for passion in anything that you want to accomplish. Passion is the thing that keeps you going  in the face of adversity, when any other rational person would have called it quits. I agree. But this type of single minded focus does have consequences on your day to day life. Continue reading

Is there room for one more?

ths3I have always wanted to have pets, lots and lots of pets. When I got married, I told my husband that as a prerequisite to having kids, we would need to have pets in our family. My parents are not pet people. Subsequently we were not allowed to have pets growing up. The one exception was a goldfish that I got on a school field trip in Grade 2. My parents had no choice but to welcome the goldfish into our home. But the goldfish died pretty quickly 😦 Continue reading