Hello Friends,

This is Neena Sethi. I am a mature student and International Studies major at Glendon College, York University. After working for 10 years in the private sector, I made the big decision to return to school in 2012. Although I was initially anxious to return to university, I settled into my life as a student.

Being a student as an adult is very different than being a student fresh out of high school. Now I’m married, I have a cat and I have many more responsibilities – cooking, cleaning, oil changes, bills.  This is not easy! Regardless, I am enjoying my life as a student as an adult more than I did as a teenager 🙂

Are you considering going back to school? If you have returned to school as an adult, how are you settling into your life as a student? How are you balancing school with your life?

Let’s connect! Take a leap of faith! Be a student a second time around.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. You’re very courageous to have made such a change in your life; to have taken a leap of faith to pursue what you are passionate about.

    I have considered going back to school eventually as well. And I know the decision (as well as the doing) will be difficult when the time comes. But with confidence in oneself, and the loving support of family, anything can be accomplished.


    • Awww, thank you so much! Truthfully, you are my biggest supporter. This decision was much easier due to your encouragement. (This is my wonderful husband :-)). I hope everyone who decides to return to school has a cheerleader like you.


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