Enter the Lion’s Den

I decided this year that I wanted to be involved in a club for Glendon’s mature students. There have been attempts in previous years to have a Mature Students Club established but nothing really stuck. This year I am spearheading the effort to get the Mature Students Club rolling – and I will succeed. I want to contribute to the Glendon community. I found my confidence this year so, I would like to help create a space for other mature students.

How, you ask?

Last week, I met with David Ip Yam at Glendon Student Affairs who trained me on Clubs 101- everything I need to know about how to run a club at Glendon. It was a great session; I left feeling motivated. I was directed by David to connect with the Lion’s Den for more support. The Lion’s Den  is actually a safe space; it operates with a “students helping students” philosophy. I can go to the Den, ask questions and get advice about how to connect with Glendon’s services. This format makes it much less intimidating to ask questions and access the information you need about life at Glendon.

Right now, I am officially the primary contact of the Glendon Mature Students Organization. We will be having our first hang-out at Lunik Coop on November 14th from 12:00pm – 3:00pm. I call this a hang-out because it won’t be an official meeting, but rather a meet and greet to see who is interested. I am curious to know what type of things or activities mature students would like from their group. I know what I want- it involves coffee 🙂 I also want to provide a space where mature students can connect with each other. Believe it or not, most of us don’t look that mature. Eye cream really does halt the progress of fine lines!

One of my friend’s at Glendon said to me the other day that information about activities and events are posted everywhere for students, but it’s up to the students to look for it. If they can’t find what they are looking for then ask someone. Sometimes it can be intimidating to ask for information. Sometimes we might not know where to look. What I discovered this year is that entering the Lion’s Den is a good place to start.




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