Parlez-vous Français?

Une des raisons de venir à Glendon étaient l’option d’améliorer le français. Depuis l’école secondaire, j’avais la connaissance en français -oralement, la rédaction et la lecture, mais j’en bave avec la confiance, particulièrement avec la conversation. Je n’avais personne avec qui je pourrais converser en français. Quand j’ai décidé de retourner aux études, je me suis fiancée avec le but d’apprendre couramment le français. Continue reading

Raise your hand if you have a question

raised_handI was talking to one of my classmates on Thursday about participating in class. She is also a mature student. She is a single mom with two children, and like me, she is at school full time at Glendon College. She commented that she is very intimidated to participate in class – not because she doesn’t have anything to contribute to the discussion – but rather, she is intimidated by the other students who are seemingly more intelligent, sharper, more aware of world politics. Continue reading

This looks familiar…

Glendon EntranceI am well into my second year at Glendon. Although everything is familiar, in many ways my second year is totally different. This year I am involved and contributing to life at Glendon. I am amazed at the difference involvement has made to the quality of time I spend at Glendon. During my first week, the usual fears plagued me – what if no one talks to me? Have I become stupid over the summer? Will I be able to make friends my own age? Not possible, no and yes! Continue reading